Cello provides groundbreaking solutions to improve hotel services and traveler experience

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About Cello

The hospitality service for hotels with a dedicated smartphone with unlimited mobile data, local calls and built-in unique interface for each room of each hotel.

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Our Extraordinary Services

In-room Dining

Meals and beverages can be ordered through an in-app menu to guests’ room directly.

Unlimited Mobile Data

Cello provides unlimited mobile data for its users, so guests can stay online all day.

Travel Guides

Cello suggests locally, so that guests experience the city at its best.


Taxis or airport transportation can be arranged in-app or via local transfer applications on Cello.

Chat With Reception

Guests can chat with reception 24/7 for any help, request or advice.

Operational Efficieny

Cello helps hotels to increase its efficiency by reducing workflow in guest services.


Cello provides detailed reports to hotel management regarding app usage, guest behavior and feedback.

Internet of Things

Cello allows users to control numerous devices in their rooms.


Personal data of guests is safe with us. Information on phone will be wiped after each stay.


Cello helps hotel management receive qualitative feedback from their guests.